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What is CDL Self Certification & How Is It Done in Rhode Island?


Self Certification is a form of reporting required for your CDL where you certify the type of activity you conduct with your CDL to your State Driver Licensing Agency (SLDA), which in Rhode Island is the Rhode Island Department of Motor Vehicles, otherwise known as the DMV. (Or the RMV in Massachusetts) 

During self-certification, you will select one of four types of commerce that is to be conducted with your CDL. The activities conducted determine the type of medical requirements you are required to meet.

Why Self Certification for CDL Drivers in RI is Important

First off, while the form is submitted to the state of Rhode Island’s DMV, self-certification is a federal requirement for your CDL. With self-certification, the DMV is able to determine what requirements you need to meet in order to maintain your CDL.

RI DMV’s Self-Certification Form (link) offers four different options for the types of commerce, as does MA’s form as well.

The Four Selections & Their Requirements

#1. Interstate non-excepted

 You are an Interstate non-excepted driver and must meet the Federal DOT medical card requirements (e.g. – you are “not excepted”).

2. Interstate excepted

You are an Interstate excepted driver and do not have to meet the Federal DOT medical card requirements.

3. Intrastate non-excepted

You are an Intrastate non-excepted driver and are required to meet the medical requirements for your State.

#4. Intrastate excepted

You are an Intrastate excepted driver and do not have to meet the medical requirements for your State.

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